Craft-Struction: Pirate Ship

ISBN 9781488911477
Product Type Kit
Product Size 233 x 380 mm
Publication Date 1 Dec 17

Ahoy mateys! Ready to set sail? It's time to assemble your crew and build a pirate ship! Make your own pirate ship out of sturdy board pieces, then tie on the sails. Decorate with stickers to add your own pirate pizzazz! For those feeling adventurous, string some rigging to the bow of the ship. But you aren’t done yet! Every great ship needs a swashbuckling crew! Fold the pirate punch-outs and get ready to play. There’s a lot of buried treasure out there waiting for you! Containing all you need to create an awesome pirate ship, this kit is a great gift idea or a rainy-day activity.

What's Included

• 29-piece ship
• 14 punch-outs
• 1 sticker sheet
• 1 string (3 m)
• 1 instruction sheet