Craft With Me: Mini Garden

ISBN 9781488911378
Product Type Kit
Product Size 255 x 255 mm
Publication Date 1 Dec 17

A craft for two! Craft four blooming pots with a parent or friend! Let's grow together! Paint the pots for your mini garden with white paint, colour-block large areas of the pot with the vibrant neon paint, then decorate it with patterns using gold! Finally, cut and fold mini plants out of the paper provided and plant them. Your garden can last forever with paper-crafted plants, but you can also test out your green thumb by planting real plants in your beautiful new pots! Containing all you need to create four super-cute mini pot plants, this kit is a great gift idea or a rainy-day activity.

What's Included

•1 instruction booklet
• 4 terracotta pots
• 1 tape roll
• 1 tissue paper
• 2 paintbrushes
• 2 foam balls
• 2 paper sheets
• 1 paint jar (20 ml)
• 5 paint pots (25 ml)
• 10 pins