Craft With Me: Tote Bags

ISBN 9781488911316
Product Type Kit
Product Size 255 x 255 mm
Publication Date 1 Dec 17

A craft for two! Create these matching giraffe totes with a parent or friend! First, paint both bags using the stencils, foam brushes and paint provided. Once dry, add spots to the giraffes with your fingers! Finish by drawing on eyes. Pull off the stencil and voila! Use your totes at the grocery store, the library or to carry around your favourite things! Containing all you need to create two lovely tote bags, this kit is a great gift idea or a rainy-day activity.

What's Included

• 2 tote bags
• 2 stencils
• 2 foam brushes
• 1 paint jar (20 ml)
• 4 pant pots (20 ml)
• 1 instruction booklet