Craft Maker Bath & Shower Bombs

by Militza Maury
ISBN 9781865152981
Product Type Kit
Product Size 218x215x56

Enjoy an at-home spa experience for both the shower and the bath, with easy-to-make projects created by natural skincare expert, Militza Maury. 

Settling in for a nice, long soak? Follow the step-by-step instructions and use the materials provided to whip up luxurious, fizzy bath bombs for those relaxing self-care moments. Get all your best ideas in the shower? Create unique shower steamers that sit flat on the shower floor, releasing refreshing aromas to bring energy, clarity and inspiration.

• 75 g citric acid
• 40 g potassium chloride
• 110 g bicarb soda
• Yellow dye
• 1 bath bomb mould
• Eucalyptus fragrance
• Lemon fragrance