Create Amazing Cool Stuff with Science

ISBN 9781488900372
Product Type Hardback
Product Size 289 x 259 mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 18

Get seriously smart as you discover the secrets of science! Create Amazing Cool Stuff with Science has over 280 creative experiments, presented in a fun and accessible way and relating to topics that kids love. 

Put the fun in physics as you discover the answers behind the mysteries of force, light and energy, and rock out to the beat of earth sciences as you explore the amazing ground beneath your feet. You’ll love exploring the world of environmental sciences as you learn about the wonders of the Earth, plants and weather, and enjoy discovering the universe with the marvels of astronomy. 

Walk on the wild side as you check out all sorts of cool critters with life sciences, and finally learn all about matter and how truly transformative chemistry can be!

All experiments in this 192-page binder have been developed with science teachers and provide the science behind the fun activity in an interesting and accessible way. With glossaries and clear flags when parental guidance is required, this comprehensive book has all you need to help kids learn, and love, science. 
Create Amazing Cool Stuff with Science will inspire imagination and creativity while encouraging kids to be inquisitive and discover their own answers!