Create Your Own Hair Accessories Kit

by Lisa Mallett-Zimmerman
ISBN 9781488918322
Product Type Kit
Product Size 215 x 218 x 56mm

One of the biggest trends in fashion are hair accessories! From hair clips, to headbands, scrunchies and hair elastics - there are a lot of creative ways to dress up your hair and express your personality. 

With Create Your Own Hair Accessories, adults of all ages can learn how to craft eight amazing and stylish designs with the 24-page book. Featuring a range of crafting elements including clips, pearls and gems, this kit contains materials to make four cool, on-trend projects.

• 24-page book
• 4 faux leather swatches
• 2 gold bobby pins
• 2 rose gold bobby pins
• 1 gold triangle clip
• 1 silver triangle clip
• 1 gold alligator clip
• 140 pearls in various sizes
• 75 round gems in various colours
• 25 square gems
• 2 hair elastics
• 4 charms
• 8 jump rings
• 2 tassels 
• 1 sheet of double-sided adhesive tape.