Create Your Own Luxe Soap Kit Box Set

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ISBN 9781488939310
Product Type Kit
Product Size 218mm x 215mm
Publication Date 1 Aug 19

Create the perfect home décor accessory and ultimate sensory indulgence with this luxe soap-making kit.
With eight step-by-step soap designs, as well as an introduction to the ins and outs of setting the perfect soap, you’ll be creating beautiful, unique, sweet-smelling gifts in no time!
This kit includes everything you need to create gorgeous pieces, including a boutique-soap original mould, along with other extension projects for you to try out your new soap-crafting skills. It’s good, clean fun!

What's included

The kit includes a 24-page book, two stunning and exclusive soap moulds (one with a floral lace pattern, the other with a beehive grid) to make your own statement soaps, two moulds for basic shapes to create your own designs, enough melt-and-pour soap glycerine base to make two soaps, one mixing stick and one pipette.