Curious Universe Science Box Set: Shocking Electricity

ISBN 9781488935268
Product Type Kit
Product Size 236 x 295mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 19

Imagine harnessing the astounding power of electricity with a lemon, a pencil or a pizza box! Get switched on to the simple science behind electricity with Curious Universe: Shocking Electricity! 

By combining the items in this kit with common household objects, the Shocking Electricity book shows you how to make 50 super-exciting gadgets, simply and safely, at home! 

Debunk the mystery, reveal the surprising secrets, and shed light on the power behind electricity as you learn about: circuits, batteries, solar power, electromagnets, switches, conductors, insulators, and static electricity. 

Create a ‘beat-the-buzzer’ maze, a burglar alarm, Morse-code maker, an electric train and much more before you drive it all home by building the ultimate solar racer!