Dog Tricks and Training Box Set

ISBN 9781865151397
Product Type Box Set
Product Size 280mm x 220mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 19

Puppies and dogs sure are cute, but it can be difficult to train one without professional help! And the cost of puppy preschool classes on top of the cost of a beloved pet can increase the spend quite quickly. Take the simple route to a well-trained dog with Dog Tricks and Training. In this kit, Heather Hammonds will shows dog owners on how to train their dog in an easy and positive way. Heather’s step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and soon the dog will be not only obedient, but performing show-stopping tricks for the whole family! Featuring a 64-page book, exclusive access to helpful online videos, a clicker and a rope, any dog can learn new things with Dog Tricks and Training!

What's Included

  • a clicker
  • a rope
  • exclusive access to online Hinkler Media content
  • a 64-page book