Dot-to-Dot Activity

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Set aside your worries, one dot at a time…

Dot-to-dots aren’t just for kids anymore – they may be old-school fun but they now come in a cutting-edge range of styles and difficulties to cater for the whole family! Rediscover the joy of dot-to-dots — with their mindful engagement — with Hinkler’s adult dot to dot puzzle books. Take a moment for yourself as you patiently join each dot to the next, to eventually reveal the image hidden inside.

Discover the therapeutic, meditative benefits of dot-to-dots – feel your worries disappear as your pencil gradually moves across the page, and enjoy the thrill of gradually uncovering the hidden image. With wide-ranging themes and illustrations, our dot to dot activity books for adults feature world landmarks, majestic creatures, works of art, sporting triumphs, classic vehicles, celebrity scenes, sports cars, beautiful plants and patterns, historical figures, fictional characters, mythological beasts and so much more!

Remember the childhood joy of dot-to-dot puzzles? We do! Our range of dot to dot books for adults is designed to help you rediscover that joy and provide hours of calming, screen-free entertainment. Most of our challenging dot-to-dot puzzles for adults have a minimum of 300 dots per image, so you’ll never be bored, and you’ll never guess what picture will unfold before your eyes!