Electrifying Neon Rock Painting

by Amanda Rogers
ISBN 9781488925207
Product Type Kit
Product Size 215 x 218 x 56mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 21

Create retro neon artwork that's truly electric with this funky rock painting kit!  

Let author and artist Amanda Rogers guide you through creating 8 glowing rock painting projects that perfectly capture the style and nostalgia of retro neon lights and lettering. 

Featuring a 24-page book plus rocks, paints, and more, you'll be creating your own electrifying rock art to keep or share in no time!

• 4 river stones 
• 2 acrylic paints (black, white)
• 3 neon paints (green, yellow, pink)
• 1 paintbrush
• 1 dotting tool 
• 1 stencil 
• 24-page book