Elevate: The Power of Crystals Box Set

Best- seller
by Hinkler Books
ISBN 9781488922480
Product Type Kit
Product Size 215 x 218 x 56mm
Publication Date 1 Apr 21

Elevate: The Power of Crystals is an immersive box set, with a beautifully photographed 24-page guide to using crystals in our everyday lives. While providing a concise geological overview to the formation of crystals, this kit explores the suggested healing powers of crystals and their potential benefits in a spiritually focused lifestyle. 

With 9 crystals included in this value-packed kit, as well as 4 crystal grids, Elevate: The Power of Crystals is an ideal gift to oneself, family or friends.

• 9 crystals: 1 amethyst, 2 rose quartz, 2 amazonite, 4 clear quartz
• 24-page instruction book
• 4 crystal grids