Essential Knots Kit

ISBN 9781488910036
Product Type Gift Set
Product Size 215 x 218 mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 17

Do you go camping, fishing, or boating? Do you find yourself in situations where you require the ability to tie a strong knot? Or do you just like the intricate challenge and satisfaction of knots? Regardless of your skill level, this kit has something in it for you! It includes a 64-page, step-by-step instructional book; an activation key so you can view instructional videos online, plus 3 practice ropes! You’ll also discover information about different types of rope, coiling techniques, splicing and storage advice.

What's Included

  • 48-page book
  • 3 practice ropes
  • Activation card to access 180 minutes of online instructional knot-tying videos