Giant Book of Spot What!

by Nick Bryant
ISBN 9781488931765
Product Type Paperback, 160 pages
Product Size 225 x 270mm
Publication Date 1 Mar 17

Spot What! Travel Edition has over 2000 objects to find, ranging from a difficulty level of simple to challenging; a magnifying glass to use; answer pages to check, and travel games to entertain even the most restless of travellers! Each spread contains its own amazing, detailed world created with timeless, quirky and whimsical images – some real, others almost real– all of them crazily imaginative! Each picture features clever visual puns playing off common sayings, familiar tales and well-known landmarks, plus humorous word-play to get the reader thinking. There are also harder items to find for an extra challenge, plus rules for travel games (or the flexibility to invent your own!).