Grannies Don't Fart! (Hardback)

3-6 years
by Lisa Regan
ISBN 9781488918827
Product Type Hardback
Product Size 286 x 252 mm
Publication Date 1 May 20

The gang have a new question and they want it answered fast:
Girls DO fart and mums DO fart, but do GRANDMAS bottom-blast?!
They carry out their research and are completely shocked to find
The variety of noises that are expelled from nans’ behinds!

But as the boys help with Gran Mabel’s 100th birthday party,
Will they uncover a stinky secret of the ancient illumifarti?

Little gigglers and their families will love this third installment in the series as they follow the four cheeky wizards Fizz, Marty, Ethan and Sam who conduct their latest investigation into the age-old (and old-age) question – do grannies fart?

• 32-page book