Harriet Clare OMG It's Our Totally Cool Box Set (books 1-4)

ISBN 9781488904097
Product Type Gift Set , 384 pages
Product Size 156 x 197mm
Publication Date 1 Jul 16

In this totally cool boxset featuring 4 best selling Harriet Clare titles, you'll always have something for you and your BFF to investigate! In Boys Beware you absolutely must help me fix my friendship with my bestie, Indie! SOB! In Pinkie Swear you won’t believe what happens when I play truth or dare with my friends. AAAARGH! Then, in Concert Scare everything is totally perfect for dance-concert week until I totally mess it up! WAAAAH! And, in Camp Bugbear I need you more than ever because I’m away on camp for three whole nights and I’m not sure if I’m going to be okay!