Inkredibles Activity Kit: Dinosaurs

ISBN 9781488940743
Product Type Kit
Product Size 280mm x 325mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 19

Reveal a roarsome assortment of cheerful dinosaurs in these fun prehistoric mega (T-rex sized!) activity kits. Kids will discover all sorts of cool dinosaur friends, including pterodactyls, aquatic elasmosaurus, diceratops, a friendly T-Rex and heaps more!

The awesome Inkredible technology allows the pens to make a magical rainbow on the page, while staying off everything else. The Colourburst markers come in 6 awesome colours, while the Magic Ink marker creates multi-coloured fun all on its own!

What's Included

  • six Colour Burst markers 
  • a 32-page Colour Burst activity pad
  • a Magic Ink marker
  • a 24-page Magic Ink activity pad
  • a sheet of amazing holographic stickers 
  • a sheet of Magic Ink stickers