Inkredibles Activity Kit with Poster: Dinosaurs

ISBN 9781488915789
Product Type Kit
Product Size 280mm x 325mm
Publication Date 1 Nov 19

This new series is such Inkredible value – you’ll think it’s Magic! With 2 activity books, 7 markers, 2 sticker sheets and a poster this is already fantastic value. But this includes both ColourBURST and Magic Ink technology, meaning there is an extra level of cool to this kit!  Children will love the colouring and activities of ColourBURST, which allow them to colour anywhere on the special paper in any of the marker colours, but on nowhere else – so no more ruined furniture or stained skin! They will also love revealing the secret hidden layers of pictures and puzzles of Magic Ink, that allow awesome colouring patterns and activities, and make the stickers come to colourful life.

What's Included

  • 6 ColourBURST markers, perfect for little hands
  • 1 ColourBURST activity pad
  • 1 Magic-Ink marker
  • 1 Magic-Ink activity pad
  • 1 sheet of ColourBURST stickers to colour
  • 1 sheet of holographic stickers
  • a ColourBURST poster