Inkredibles Invisible Ink: Diggers and Dumpers

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ISBN 9781488914751
Product Type Paperback
Product Size 255mm x 160mm
Publication Date 1 Aug 19


Kids will love to dig into this Inkredible Invisible Ink Diggers and Dumpers colouring and activity kit!
Watch their joy as they reveal all the construction site vehicles and scenes as they help Darren Digger reach three sites before the sun goes down in a letter-tile game, Cherie Cherry Picker get five safety cones in a row in a number scramble, help Ellie Excavator crack the code to safely enter a maze and much more! All while the Inkredible technology keeps the magical fun on the page and off everything else!

What's included

The kit includes a 24-page book (with 12 pages of search-and-find activities) and a no-mess Invisible Ink pen that will only work on our proprietary colour-reveal pages.