Inkredibles PAW Patrol Magic Ink (2017 Ed)

3 - 6
by Hinkler
ISBN 9781488909252
Product Type Paperback
Product Size 212 x 160
Publication Date 1 Sep 17

See everyone's favourite PAW Patrol characters come to life with this Inkredibles title. Use the amazing magic ink pen to colour over pictures  and watch a rainbow of colours appear! With 12 pages of magic-reveal games and activities, there are hours of fun to be had with the PAW Patrol pals in this novelty book.

The ever-popular fun Inkredibles effects will make this exciting magic ink book a must-have for all PAW Patrol fans.

• Packed full of super-fun and heroic magic ink activities, perfect for PAW Patrol fans.
• Unique magic ink format encourages kids to engage with the written material and see reading as fun. 
• Ideal compact pen and book format, perfect for rainy days and travel.
• The full Inkredibles series can be found on the Hinkler website: