Junior Explorers: Eye Spy Australia

by Hinkler Pty Ltd
ISBN 9354537004071
Product Type Game
Product Size 254 x 216 x 40 mm

Find your inner Aussie and win!

Spot a koala, a surfer or even a zebra finch as you travel around the land down under! Packed with well-known foods, animals, sports, landmarks and icons from A to Z, this interactive board game will test your powers of observation!
Bring your eagle eyes and beat the timer to earn tokens. 

Introducing mindful observation, Eye Spy Australia will open young eyes to the wonders in their world. So, grab a vanilla slice and hold on to your Akubra as you take a trip around the land of Oz!

Game board with 130 icons to find
26 Aussie alphabet-themed cards 
4 card stands
30 category tokens
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