Junior Explorers: What's My Body Clue?

by Hinkler Pty Ltd
ISBN 9354537004057
Product Type Game
Product Size 254 x 216 x 40 mm

Listen to body clues and make a safer you!

Do you leap for joy like a dolphin or feel butterflies in your tummy when you are worried? Our clever bodies talk to us all the time. What’s My Body Clue will help you work out all the secret messages they send and what they mean.

The interactive poster helps children to identify their physical reactions to emotions, gently introducing the concept of self-awareness and body safety to young minds. Body clues are being taught in schools to help students make safe choices. What's My Body Clue? is a great way to gently introduce the subject area to your child and begin the dialogue around safety themes.

40 game cards (20 pairs)
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