Junior Jigsaw 100pc Chocolate Scented: Chocolate Factory

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by Hinkler Pty Ltd
ISBN 9354537003821
Product Type Jigsaw
Product Size 220 x 280 x 40 mm
Junior Jigsaw 100-piece Scented Puzzles don’t just look amazing – they smell amazing too! No scratching required – the puzzle and the box are infused with a delicious aroma that complements the illustration and makes puzzle time a truly fun, immersive experience!
It’s an exciting day at the chocolate factory, with all sorts of treats to taste! The fun, busy scene in this 100-piece puzzle features a tantalising chocolate scent, providing a delectable point of difference for consumers and kids!


• 100-piece puzzle, 490 x 360 mm (19.3 x 14.2 in)
• Featuring CelessenceTM micro-encapsulation technology, Junior Jigsaw Scented Jigsaws release a delightfully delicious aroma when handled