Kaleidoscope Colouring: Australian Animals Deluxe

by Hinkler
ISBN 9781488924415
Product Type Paperback
Product Size 210 x 296 x 6 mm

Whether it’s kangaroos bounding across outback plains, a rainbow splash of rosellas in the bush canopy or wombats nestled in a hollow log, Kaleidoscope Colouring: Australian Animals is a celebration of Australia’s unique animals. Beyond the truly beautiful cover on this exquisite colouring book, the intricate illustrations bring the Australian bush, coast, outback, scrub and rainforest to life, with all the stunning animals that call Australia home. 

Colouring is the perfect way to de-stress and improve your focus. Unleash your creativity and flair for colour, and find a place of calm and connection with Kaleidoscope Colouring: Australian Animals.