Kaleidoscope Colouring Kit: Neon Unicorns and More (2020 ed)

by Hinkler Books
ISBN 9781488920486
Product Type Kit
Product Size 290 x 230 x 28mm
Publication Date 1 Aug 20

Kaleidoscope Neon Colouring kit: Unicorns and More is an electrifying visual experience for all ages! Just by using the six neon highlighters included in this kit, these majestic mythical creatures will be dazzlingly brought to life in a style both magical and super-modern! 

Designed to give the most vivid effect when fluorescent colours are applied, more than 30 images of dynamic unicorns and other enchanting scenes in the book are just waiting to become brilliantly bright. Best of all, the tear-out pages make it easy to put the coloured pages on display as a magnificent ‘unicornicopia’ of unicorns – so get colouring!

• six neon highlighters
• over 20 pages of Unicorn images