Kaleidoscope Creations: Ultimate Etch Art Carry Case

by Hinkler Books
ISBN 9781488943256
Product Type Kit
Product Size 394 x 281 x 55mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 20

Enter a world of magic and wonder with Kaleidoscope Creations: Ultimate Etch Art Carry Case. Unveil a menagerie of mythical creatures with beautiful unicorns, daring dragons, shimmering fairies and more using the etch-art panels and stylus.

This ultimate carry case kit includes 12 special reveal etch-art panels, 6 pre-printed foil etch-art panels, 6 plain etch-art panels, 2 plastic stencils, an etching stylus and a 24-page instruction book. With everything to get started, this value-packed carry case offers a creative, imaginative portal to the mythical world!

  • 12 special reveal etch-art panels            
  • 6 pre-printed foil etch-art panels
  • 6 plain etch-art panels
  • 2 plastic stencils                                  
  • 24-page instruction book
  • an etching stylus                                  
  • Carry case