Kaleidoscope Etch Art Creations: World Landmarks

ISBN 9781488936296
Product Type Kit
Product Size 230 x 290mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 18

Explore the world's most famous landmarks with Etch Art: World Landmarks! Create a poster of Times Square, an awesome Big Ben bookmark, a flashy Hollywood sign photo-frame and even more using the etch-art panels and stylus! 

Etch Art: World Landmarks offers an exciting way to explore your creative side and make awesome works of art. Draw on the etch-art panels with the stylus and you'll uncover the bright paint underneath, making your pictures or patterns burst with life! 

This kit contains everything you need to get started, including an etching stylus, a 16-page instruction book, eight patterned etch-art panels, eight plain etch-art panels and three stencils ready for you to create your own gorgeous designs.