Kaleidoscope Kids Sticker Mosaics: Mythical Creatures

7-12 years
ISBN 9781488942181
Product Type Paperback
Product Size 280 x 215 x 5 mm
Publication Date 1 Feb 20

Kids can get truly immersed in the highly imaginative world of fun sticker art with Kaleidoscope Kids Sticker Mosaics: Mythical Creatures. This spectacular book designed specifically for kids features eight awesome images with over 600 stickers to fill in the gaps!

Each page contains an awesome geometric image of everyone’s favourite mythical creatures, whether it’s a dragon, fairy, mermaid, Pegasus, phoenix or unicorn! It’s so easy and satisfying for kids to do: they simply peel off the stickers, place them in the matching spaces on the page and voila! Every kid is on their way to completing an artistic masterpiece.