Mindworks Left and Right Brain Training

by Hinkler Books Hinkler Books
ISBN 9781488923999
Product Type Hardback
Product Size 221 x 286 x 25mm
Publication Date 1 Feb 21

This two-in-one compendium contains over 350 puzzles to hone your essential left-brain and right-brain abilities. By taking a ‘two-pronged approach’ for the entire brain, you will gain equilibrium and strengthen any area that may reveal weaknesses in your thought processes or gaps in your learning.

Language and logic skills, inherent to the left side of the brain, are vital to our everyday lives, improving problem solving, deductive and intuitive reasoning, lateral thinking, and so much more. ‘Intuitive’ right-brain skills can improve your visual cognition, identify patterns, sharpen perception and understand details in the context of the bigger picture. Each of the over 400 puzzles are divided into a left-brain or right-brain focus, has a difficulty rating and a suggested time limit. 

By methodically working through the book, you will find puzzles to suit your current skill level and progress to more challenging ones as your mental agility increases!

  • 352-page book