Mindworks Puzzles Deductive Puzzles

ISBN 9781488930713
Product Type Paperback, 128 pages
Product Size 222 x 280mm
Publication Date 1 Feb 17

Mindworks Brain Training: Deductive Puzzles is an accessible but stimulating collection of brain-training puzzles, designed by a team of experts specifically to train your left-brain deductive and numerical abilities. Language and logic skills are processed in the same manner by the left-hand side of the brain, and are vital to our everyday lives. This book is the perfect way to hone these left-brain skills and thus improve your problem-solving ability, your deductive and intuitive reasoning capabilities, your logic and lateral thinking prowess, and much more. Each puzzle has a difficulty rating and a suggested time limit, so that you can easily find puzzles that suit your current skill level and progress to more challenging ones as your mental agility increases. Containing over 125 puzzles and solutions with comprehensive explanations, this book will ensure your brain stays sharp.