Mindworks Right-Brain Flip Book Bind-up

ISBN 9781488907012
Product Type Paperback
Product Size 220 x 285 mm
Publication Date 1 Jan 18

Mindworks Brain Training: Right-brain Puzzles is an accessible, stimulating collection of brain-training exercises, designed by a team of experts specifically to train your right-brain perceptual and spatial abilities. Your right-brain perceptual skills are critical to everyday life. For instance, have you ever struggled getting your car into a tight parking spot or been frustrated while figuring out which key on your keyring fits into the door?

Ever felt overwhelmed by details and unable to see the bigger picture? This two-in-one compendium contains everything you need to hone these essential skills. Each section focuses on improving a particular set of right-brain cognitive abilities. Perceptual Puzzles will strengthen your visual cognition, and your perception and understanding of details within a bigger picture; Spatial Puzzles will sharpen your spatial awareness and reasoning capability, your geometric comprehension, and your imaginative agility.

This book includes over 250 full-colour puzzles, solutions with comprehensive explanations and a graded difficulty-rating system.