My Book of Secrets #Gaming

by Hinkler Books
ISBN 9781488916120
Product Type Hardcover
Product Size 156 x 197 x 13mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 20

My Book of Secrets #Gaming is the ideal creative journal for any young gamer to document their gaming life and all the things they love about gaming … off screen! This journal is where the user can be the most EPIC version of their gaming self.

Inside this 96-page journal, readers will find questions to answer, quizzes to complete and places to list top games, high scores, and most liked and loathed competitors. Better still, this journal celebrates the everyday fun had while gaming and having LOLs with friends. 

The bonus invisible ink pen adds an element of surprise to this top secret journal, with messages revealed only under the UV-light torch built in to the pen.

  • 96-page journal
  • Double-ended pen with invisible ink
  • Lock and 2 keys