Neoprene Jigsaw Roll

ISBN 9781488938979
Product Type Kit
Product Size 310mm x 240mm
Publication Date 1 Jun 19

The Deluxe Neoprene Jigsaw Roll is the perfect addition to every jigsaw puzzler's home! Safely store in-progress jigsaws on the neoprene mat that holds up to 2000 puzzle pieces and will lay flat no matter how many times it has been rolled up! This kit includes the deluxe neoprene mat, an extendable roll to assist rolling up your jigsaw and 3 velcro straps to keep it together while it is being stored.

What's Included

  • deluxe neoprene mat
  • 3-piece extendable roll to assist with rolling up the jigsaw mat 
  • 3 velcro straps to keep everything together 

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