Phonics Kit: Stage 1

by Louise Park
ISBN 9781488934704
Product Type Kit
Product Size 277 x 210 mm

This comprehensive educational kit has everything you need to help your child as they learn to read, write and spell – all while having fun! 

This kit uses the cutting-edge system of synthetic phonics, which is a revolutionary, intuitive and fast form of learning. It teaches children pronunciation, reading and spelling skills at the same time, using the 44 sounds that blend to make all the words in the English language. With this system of learning, as your child learns to sound out a word, they will also be able to read and spell it! 

Stage 1 Phonics is the first of three Phonics kits that together form a three-part program for early learning. As children master new knowledge and skills, they can move to the next stage in the series. Designed for four- to six- year-olds, this comprehensive educational kit will help children learn to pronounce, read and spell over 175 key words and will prepare them for the next stage of their literacy education. 

This kit contains a 64-page instruction and activity book, 60 double-sided flash/game cards and a double-sided wallchart. 

About the author: Phonics kit creator Louise Park has over 30 years’ experience in educational and children’s fiction publishing, turning thousands of children into enthusiastic readers. She has worked as a primary-school teacher; taught literacy and English as a second language; and spent over two decades training and advising teachers, parents and schools on literacy, reading and writing. Louise has scoped, created or collaborated on many primary-school reading programs, including the leading worldwide English and literacy programs Bookshelf and Reading Discovery.