Pop Colour: Epic Beasts

Coming Soon
8-12 years
by Hinkler
ISBN 9781488916137
Product Type Paperback
Product Size 197 x 256 x 20mm
Publication Date 1 Apr 20

Get ready to venture into an exciting netherworld. With highly detailed artwork, Pop Colour: Epic Beasts is a modern fantasy-themed colouring and activity kit. In this fantasy realm of malicious monsters and creepy creatures, dragons dwell alongside steampunk grizzly bears and fearsome legends of the deep.

This mega monstertorium includes 10 pencils, including 2 in glittering metallic hues and 2 in vivid neon; the ultimate guide to colouring and
drawing awesome monsters – including expert tips to create fur, spikes and scales, add cool steampunk parts and other accessories; and
instructions for making and playing with personalised monster cards. 

Who will be crowned the ruler of the Epic Beasts?

• 48-page pad
• 10 pencils (6 regular, 2 metallic, & 2 neon)
• 20 tear-out battle cards