Pull-back-and-go: Farm

ISBN 9781488914799
Product Type Kit
Product Size 295 mm x 270 mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 19

There’s hours of fun to be had with the Pull-back-and-go Farm Vehicles Activity Set! First, piece the farm jigsaw together to create a big 42 x 61 cm (16.5 x 24 in) play mat. Then, get out your 6 cars, set them up on the mat, pull them back and watch them go! You can also add to your world with over 25 press-out characters, animals and farm equipment that you can place around the property. When you’re done, grab the 32-page colouring and activity book and complete the fun farm-themed activities while you read along with the story!

What's Included

  • 6 pull-back farm vehicles
  • over 25 press-out characters and animals
  • a 32-page colouring book
  • a 28-piece jigsaw puzzle mat