Puzzlebilities Shaped 500pc Jigasw: Planet Earth

by Simon Mendez
ISBN 9354537001667
Product Type Jigsaw
Product Size 241 x 241 x 45mm

Explore planet Earth from a different perspective with this 500-piece Puzzlebilities Shaped jigsaw puzzle. 

With a diameter of 12,756 km, we've managed to squeeze that down into a puzzle size that's 609 mm (24 in). So whether you love space, jigsaw puzzles or both – this is a perfect activity to put together by yourself or with the whole family. Plus it includes a bonus reference poster that features fun and interesting facts about our world.

• A 500-piece jigsaw
• Jigsaw size: 609 mm (24 in) diameter.
• Includes a reference poster of planet Earth.