Science Kit: Amazing Earth (US ed)

by Hinkler Books
ISBN 9781488920905
Product Type Kit
Product Size 236 x 295 x 50mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 20

Learn all about the science that makes things like lightning, geysers and volcanoes happen with Curious Universe: Amazing Earth! By combining the items in this kit with common household objects, the 64-page Amazing Earth book shows you how to make over 45 super-exciting experiments, simply and safely, at home.

Create an erupting volcano, hazy fog and goopy quicksand, grow a snowflake, make a tornado and so much more with this action-packed kit!

• 64-page book
• 4 x rubber balls 
•1 x compass 
• 1 x test tube 
• 1 x bar magnet 
• 4 x pH tester strips 
• tester strip chart • pH chart 
• 1 x petri dish • 4 x sterile swabs 
• 4.5m brown string • 1 x silver glitter 
• 1 x bicarb soda • 1 x citric acid powder 
• 1 x red colouring dye
• 1 x volcano