Science Kit: Incredible Electricity (US ed)

by Hinkler Books
ISBN 9781488920851
Product Type Kit
Product Size 236 x 295 x 50mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 20

Imagine harnessing the astounding power of electricity with a lemon, a pencil or a pizza box! Get switched on to the simple science behind electricity with Curious Universe: Incredible Electricity!

By combining the items in this kit with common household objects, the Incredible Electricity book shows science enthusiasts how to make over 45 super-exciting gadgets, simply and safely, at home.

•    64-page book
•    2 x globes
•    2 x globe holders 
•    1 x battery holder
•    1 x LCD display
•    1 x buzzer
•    3 x mini LED globes
•    4 x alligator clips
•    1x solar car kit 
•    1 x motor