Secrets of Tarot Gift Box

ISBN 9781488940859
Product Type Gift Set
Product Size 260 mm x 212 mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 19

The ancient practice of Tarot can bring insight to personal and professional situations, help the reader understand emotional issues and guide them through life’s journey. A reading of the cards offers advice on how to approach and make the most of life’s experiences and opportunities.

The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with a unique image and symbolic meaning. During a reading, the cards are laid out according to a particular pattern; where the cards fall in the spread affects their interpretation.
The Secrets of Tarot provides the ideal introduction to reading the Tarot. Take the wisdom gained from centuries of Tarot and be prepared for what lies ahead.

What's Included

  • a 78-card Tarot deck
  • a 32-page book with easy-to-follow instructions