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Are your kids “slimers”? If they’re not, they soon will be, thanks to Hinkler’s slime kits for kids! With so many varieties available, kids will snub their screens and spend hours absorbed in hands-on slime playtime!

Hinkler offers amazing make-your-own slime kits, each of which includes all the ingredients and equipment that you need to make your own batch of gloopy goodness – it’s DIY slime! Each kit comes with a 16-page book with instructions on how to create many varieties of homemade slime for kids – glittery slime, fluffy slime, foamy slime, stretchy slime, magnetic slime, rainbow slime and more! Once your kid becomes a dedicated slimer, we also have the amazing Clear Slime Glue which is available separately, a high-quality base to make many more batches of glorious goo for kids!

While kids arehaving a blast making slime, they’re also learning without realising it – open-ended sensory play with slime engages kids’ imaginations and helps improve fine-motor skills and coordination, and following instructions to concoct their crazy creations will turn your child into a little scientist!

Whether they are mesmerised by slimy snot or enchanted by magical poo, Hinkler has found slime varieties and activities that can engage with all different tastes.

There is a reason that this is such a popular kids’ craft trend. Largely relying on common household items, slime-making is the perfect after-school, weekend and holiday activity. It encourages kids to use their brains, creativity and be hands-onata time where electronic entertainment dominates young people’s lives.

Slime is so much fun to make and to play with, and there are so many different types you can create. Anyone can make their own slime: choose your favourite colours, textures, and novelties and play with it however you like!

Which will be your kid’s favourite type of slime? Snot slime, magic glitter-slime, rainbow slime, snowflake slime, googly-eye slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, heat-sensitive slime, silver slime, floam slime, magnetic slime or Ooblek slime?What will they like to do best with their slime? Twist and stretch it, let it ooze down from their upheld hand, squeeze and bounce it, make slime bubbles, or stickily ooze from a funny toy?

There are so many variations of slimetivities your kids will be entertained for hours! You may even find yourself joining in…