Stories for Three-year-olds

ISBN 9781488936012
Product Type Hardback
Product Size 258 x 224 mm

Storytime can be the snuggliest part of the day with your 3-year-old. As they begin to learn to read letters and recognise numbers, you can make this bonding time together fun! 

By age three, many kids are chatterboxes, holding simple conversations with a vocabulary and brain that’s growing in leaps and bounds – just like them! Reading aloud is one of the best ways to support them. 

Stories for 3-year-olds contains three marvellous stories to enjoy with your child, especially chosen to be engaging for 3-year-olds, who can follow more complex tales. There are also two bonus nursery rhymes to round out the collection. 

With Stories for 3-year-olds, storytime will be the sweetest part of your day!