Street Magic Binder

ISBN 9781488901720
Product Type Binder , 192 pages
Product Size 259 x 289mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 16

Use ordinary objects to amaze anyone, anywhere! This 192-page binder book will teach you how to execute over 60 incredible feats of illusion and trickery with nothing but a few simple props and your own performance skills.

Street Magic features everything from easy-to-master magic tricks using ordinary household items to advanced magic techniques for the aspiring street magician. It also includes insider performance pointers, script ideas and handy behind-the-scenes hints, presented in a graphic-novel style with step-by-step instructions. Learn to master card, coin and rope tricks; everyday magic using pencils, paper, forks and spoons; sleight-of-hand techniques – the hand really is faster than the eye; modern favourites like The Professor’s Nightmare, The Svengali Deck and Splitting the Atom; and quick, simple gags to add comedy to your show. Whether you’re making magic at home or taking it to the world, keep everyone entertained and amazed with Street Magic!