The Best Science Kit Ever! (2019)

ISBN 9781488913976
Product Type Kit
Product Size 280mm x 220mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 19

For those who know a young mad-scientist in the making. For those children that would delight in making a 30-second cloud, invisible ink or an underwater volcano. Well, look no further – this science kit comes with everything you need to prepare and perform super-cool science experiments right away.

Kids can flabbergast their friends and family with their scientific prowess by making their own musical instrument, a stalactite or even a solar-powered oven. Anything is possible with the The Best Science Kit Ever!

What's Included

  • a lightbulb
  • a magnifying glass
  • a horseshoe magnet
  • a bar magnet
  • plasticine
  • 2 balloons
  • 2 drinking stores
  • a rubber band
  • a stick of white chalk
  • a 96-page book