The Nature of Wicca Kit Box Set

ISBN 9781488941399
Product Type Box Set
Product Size 260mm x 212mm
Publication Date 1 Nov 19

With western society’s relentless emphasis on logic, technology and material success, it’s no wonder that interest is surging in the ancient practices of Wicca – natural magic in harmony with the spiritual world and offering connection to imagination, intuition, emotion and myth.

This beautiful new kit introduces and explores Wiccan ideas and rituals for use in modern life. The 64-page book covers basic magical theory, explains magical tools, and offers a variety of everyday and seasonal Wiccan rituals – plus, of course, spells for everything from inner calm, healing and protection to love and removal of obstacles or conflict!

What's Included

  • an informative 64-page book
  • 26 oracle cards
  • a tea-light candle 
  • a silvery pentacle pendant