The Power of Crystals Small Kit

ISBN 9781488912504
Product Type Kit
Product Size 215 x 218 mm
Publication Date 1 Apr 18

Harness the unique power of crystals for health and inner harmony.
For thousands of years, crystals have been highly prized – not only for their beauty and their rarity – but also for the virtues and special qualities they’ve been considered to possess. Far more than just adornments, crystals have been the domain of healers, shamans and spiritual practitioners, provided to the wealthy and powerful in society for protection, purification and insight.
And now you can too, with this exquisitely presented kit that includes a 24-page book of easy-to-understand lessons on the power of crystals and simple steps that you can implement to bring the power of crystals and crystal grids into your life.

What's Included

  • 24-page book
  • 2 amazonite crystals
  • 2 amethyst crystals
  • 4 clear quartz crystals
  • 2 rose quartz crystals
  • 4 printed crystal grids