Ultimate Crystal Creations Carry Case: Animal Kingdom

by Hinkler Pty Ltd
ISBN 9354537009069
Product Type Kit
Product Size 267x374x55

Indulge in the stunning world of crystal craft with the Ultimate Crystal Creations Animal Kingdom Carry Case.
The kit comes in an easy-to-carry case and includes
everything required to get you started on your crystal
journey, from stand-up art boards and silicone gum to a sticker-gem sheet and thousands of crystals. Bring to life three dazzling animal designs including a gentle deer and magnificent peacock.
Crystal craft is an exciting mix of painting by numbers, cross stitch and mosaic and is an excellent way to practise mindful craft while creating gorgeous art.

• Over 12,000 crystals
• 3 stand-up art boards
• Silicone gum
• 3 trays
• Sheet of sticker gems
• Designer stylus