You Can Draw Disney Pixar Binder

ISBN 9781488934254
Product Type Binder
Product Size 289 x 259 x 35 mm

Have you ever wished you could burst into action with Mr. Incredible? Dive into an underwater adventure with Dory? Soar into infinity and beyond with Buzz? 

Well now you can, as you learn to draw your own fantastic worlds with this amazing eight-books-in-one volume! Inside are all the best characters that Disney Pixar has to offer: from Princess Merida, to Remy, to Wall E, to Sulley and Boo, you can learn to draw them all with step-by-step illustrations, annotations, plus handy tips and tricks! 

Full of character profiles and sketches; drawing techniques and tips; the full stories of these characters’ awesome films; and an insider’s sneak-peak at the animation process that brings them to life, this book is a must-have for every Disney Pixar fan and budding artist. 

So, sharpen your pencils and get creative with your Disney Pixar friends!