Zap! Extra Complete Paper Plane Challenge (2019 Ed)

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ISBN 9781488940590
Product Type Boxset
Product Size 250 mm x 190 mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 19

Zap! Extra Paper Plane Challenge is ideal for paper plane champions or anyone looking for a fun new hobby! Packed with everything needed to improve your paper plane skills, this kit contains a 48-page book full of step-by-step instructions, 16 amazing plane templates, a fold-out hangar and runway and four targets. Fly the plane down the runway into the hangar or try making eight amazing games!

What’s included

A 48-page book with step-by-step-instructions, 16 amazing and patterned plane templates, sticks, 4 removable targets, 8 awesome games and a fold-out hangar and runway.