Zap! Extra DIY Soap Jellies

by Gillian Kirschner
ISBN 9781488918278
Product Type Kit
Product Size 190 x 260 x 35mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 20

Ever wanted to bring some magic to shower time with some wobbly, squishy, scented soap jellies? How about creating fun personalised soap gifts for your friends? Then Zap! Extra Soap Jellies is for you!

This kit is packed full with everything you need to make three unique soap jelly creations, plus step-by-step instructions to create nine more designs, from a celebration cupcake to a dinosaur egg to a rainbow popsicle!

• Jelly powder
• Foam booster
• Fragrance
• 4 x coloured dye tablets
• 1 tray mould
• 48-page book